Monkeypox 2022 global epidemiology; Report 2022-06-24

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The Monkeypox 2022 outbreak has to date been detected in 59 countries (either confirmed or suspected cases), with 47 confirming transmission, 9 countries continuing to have suspected cases only, and 25 countries having discarded cases that were suspected. Overall there are 3503 confirmed and 115 suspected cases (as of 2022-06-24; Figure 1A). Since 2022-06-22, 188 new confirmed cases have been reported, and 1 new country has been added to the list (South Africa) (Figure 1B).

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graph: Travel history and confirmed cases
Figure 1: A) Number of confirmed cases since May 7 2022 per country. Lines show reported travel history between countries and colour indicates the date of travel. B) Number of cumulative confirmed cases and number of countries who have reported confirmed cases. Link to figure
Country Confirmed % difference in cases compared to last week
England 766 39
Germany 592 75
Spain 520 4
France 330 80
Portugal 317 14
Canada 223 33
Netherlands 167 75
United States 156 56
Italy 85 77
Belgium 77 48
Switzerland 46 64
Ireland 28 180
Scotland 18 12
United Arab Emirates 13 0
Denmark 13 62
Israel 13 160
Australia 13 0
Austria 12 200
Poland 12 0
Brazil 11 266
Sweden 10 0
Mexico 9 200
Slovenia 8 14
Wales 6 0
Hungary 6 100
Czech Republic 6 0
Romania 5 66
Ghana 5 0
Argentina 5 0
Finland 4 33
Iceland 3 0
Northern Ireland 3 50
Latvia 2 0
Norway 2 0
Greece 2 0
Malta 2 100
Morocco 1 0
Gibraltar 1 0
Georgia 1 0
Luxembourg 1 0
Venezuela 1 0

Table 1: Number of confirmed cases by country (highest to lowest) and percentage change since last week.

Of the 3503 number of confirmed cases, 127 reported travel history. For 83 cases, travel history location was unknown.

The mean delay between confirmation and entry of suspected case was 3.39 days (median 3 days) and varied by country (n = 390 total number of cases where the dates of suspected and confirmed was known; Figure 2). Most countries do not report suspected cases.

graph: Delay to confirmation by country
Figure 2: Delay to confirmation by country. Link to figure

Genomic data is being reported via multiple open source repositories. In order to support ongoing genomic surveillance and improve representativeness of genomic sequences we here plot the relationship between number of genomic sequences vs. number of confirmed cases (Figure 3). The (combined) number of genomic sequences of the current outbreak is 180. The country with the highest number of genomic sequences reported is Germany. A comparison between the number of genomes and number of confirmed cases is below (Figure 3).

graph: Number of sequences from Nextstrain and confirmed cases
Figure 3: Number of sequences (downloaded via Nextstrain) and confirmed cases. Link to figure

The age and gender ratio is shown in Figure 4. 98 percent of cases (for which there was an entry for gender) are described as male. The mean age of confirmed cases is 40.

graph: Age and gender distribution
Figure 4: Age and gender distribution of monkeypox confirmed cases in 2022. 21% of confirmed cases include sufficient metadata to be included in this figure. Of these cases, 96% include reported age ranges that span multiple age categories. Under such circumstances, counts are evenly distributed among the categories that capture the reported age range. Link to figure

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